23 Of The Most Horrifying Spiders The Internet Has To Offer

This might make me a strange person, but I never kill spiders if I can help it.

Though they have made me scream like a little girl with their fast, jerky movements, I believe that they are very valuable when it comes to pest control. However, I definitely won’t deny that these creatures can be completely terrifying.

If you have arachnophobia, you might want to prepare yourself. The following freaky spiders will make you want to run away and never look back.

1. Why would you do that?!

2. I definitely wouldn’t want to see this from the front.

3. How is something this tiny so terrifyingly powerful?

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5. I hope I never, ever get this close.

6. The way it moves is just horrifying.

7. “Welcome to my death lair.”

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8. Just imagine that your arm is that branch.

9. Now would be a good time to run.

10. If I found this in my house, I’d move immediately.

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11. Why are its legs so long?!

12. Okay, this one’s actually kind of pretty — but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t keep my distance.

13. I’m seriously shuddering.

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14. Did anyone else just take a second terrified glance at their keyboard?

15. Can I just say that I’m eternally grateful I’m not a bug that could get caught in that web?

16. Dear. Lord.

17. I can’t help but picture this guy diving right into my hair.

18. Fuzziness does not always equal cuteness.

19. “Don’t worry, I won’t bite (hard).”

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20. I’m never putting my hand on a railing again.

21. Nowhere is safe anymore. NOWHERE.

22. Well, I know what all my future nightmares are going to be about.

23. “How about you come a little closer?”

Let’s just hope that we don’t feel tiny little tickles on our arms as we go to sleep tonight — that is, if we’re able to sleep at all.

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