A Grown Woman Cried When She Was Handed A Stuffed Animal For A Beautiful Reason

The loss of a beloved pet can hurt almost as much as the loss of a friend or family member, mostly because that’s exact what our pets are to us.

Most of us form lasting bonds with our pets and see them as more than just a dog or cat, but instead as a member of the family. They steal our hearts and then in the blink of an eye, they’re gone. After losing a pet, it’s natural to feel intense moments of grief and depression, and it’s not unusual for such a traumatic loss to trigger other emotions and long-forgotten memories.

For 18-year-old Gabriella, the loss of her dog, Jax, left a giant hole in her heart, but it’s what her younger sister did for her this past holiday season that gave the young woman a reason shed some tears (only this time, they were the happy kind).

Last year Gabriella was dealt a shocking blow when her canine companion Jax was laid to rest.

After a year of grieving and learning to move on from her loss, Gabriella’s sister decided to surprise her with a gift she won’t soon forget.

When the time came to unwrap the emotional surprise, Gabriella could barely tear through the puppy-print wrapping paper before becoming emotional.

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After unwrapping the Build-a-Bear box inside, Gabriella can be seen bursting into tears before discovering that rather than a cuddly teddy bear, a stuffed dog resembling Jax was awaiting its new owner.

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