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Flashback: Hey hypocrite, slavish media, remember this email story?!/JammieWF/status/479617692161568768 What bones are the lapdogs burying now? Let’s see here:!/ron_fournier/status/479602040289513472 Weird!!/redsteeze/status/479621508336082944 The “lost” emails are totally a non-story, guys. Politico says so!!/mikeallen/status/479615423953260544 Case closed! Except when it’s not. Hey sycophant media, don’t you remember this:!/JammieWF/status/479616810460151809 Yep.!/JammieWF/status/479617487051710464 Bingo. How pathetic. Related: ‘BS with capital letters!’ How to put ‘lost’ Lerner emails in crushing perspective? Like this Heh: Pat Sajak’s take on the ‘lost’ IRS emails is a winner Rep. Jason Chaffetz: IRS testified that […]

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