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‘Capitalism is okay now’? #FloodWallStreet orders pizza [photos, video]!/Viridorari/status/514125786073559040 Those #FloodWallStreet protesters hate capitalism and money and greed, you guys. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have needs: Support the people at #FloodWallStreet tweet your live streams out,send pizza and support tweets.@OccupyNatGat or just get down there! #ows — rosannemiller (@freedomgirl2011) September 22, 2014 Gonna be here a while. Maybe we should order pizza? Please send orders to in front of 26 broadway #FloodWallStreet — #FloodWallStreet (@FloodWallStreet) September 22, 2014 Those in solidarity with the #FloodWallStreet occupation […]

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