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President Doing-just-fine assails Romney for being ‘out of touch’!/BarackObama/status/213005297764147200 The Obama campaign has a remarkable penchant for attacking its rivals in precisely the wrong areas. Whether it’s underdelivering on big promises, adding to the public debt, or dealing with unemployment and job creation, Obama and the DNC constantly seem to be going after the speck in their opponents’ eyes while ignoring the logs in their own. Now, the president who claimed just last week that the U.S. economy’s private sector is “doing just fine” is […]

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‘BINGO!’ Jim Geraghty puts politics’ sexual predation problem in ‘brilliant’ perspective

With the seeming endless stories of sexual misconduct emanating out of Washington and the political sphere, this news cycle has been extremely difficult to get through. Enter National Review’s Jim Geraghty with some much needed — and very valuable — perspective: Some Democrats think until Trump faces consequences, Franken & their guys shouldn’t face consequences. Some Republicans think because Clinton escaped consequences, Trump, Moore & their guys shouldn’t face consequences. The big loser: Consequences. — Jim Geraghty […]

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