Guess Which Pizza Is A Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Challenge | People Vs. Food

– This is the best episode we’ve ever had to do! (laughs) – This tastes like dirty. (laughs) – It does! (laughs) ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) We’re gonna be putting you to the test on… – (both gasp) – Holy crap. Holy crap. – Oh, yes! Yes, yes, YES! – (gasps) Mikaela! (laughs) Mikaela! – This is the best episode we’ve ever had to do! (laughs) – I’m not gonna lie. That kind of looks like Chuck E.

Cheese pizza right now. I’ve only been to Chuck E. Cheese twice, ’cause I’m really scared of Chuck E. Cheese animatronics. I feel like they’re gonna come to life and kill me. – (FBE) You might be familiar with Shane Dawson’s conspiracy video, where he talks about the conspiracy that Chuck E. Cheese remakes new pizzas from old leftover pizza slices. So, because of that, we’re going to give you three pizzas, one of which is a Chuck E. Cheese pizza and see if you can spot the Chuck E. Cheese one. – (laughs) This is awesome. – Oh, I love Shane Dawson. Sorry, I love– I just watched it last– it’s amazing. – I believe in the conspiracy a little bit, so I mean, I feel like I can sense it.

– (FBE) Before trying these pizzas, which one do y’all think is Chuck E. Cheese? – I’m gonna go ahead and guess that one’s the Chuck E. Cheese pizza just because there’s a fat gap in between these two slices right here, and it doesn’t look like you guys messed it up when you guys were setting it up. It looks like it was just not made properly. – I’m gonna go with three, because it looks the jankiest.

– I feel like it’s this one, because I feel like they’re trying to mask the taste of something else with all the pepperoni. – Extra pepperonis. – To argue with you, I’ll do this one. – Okay. – I think it’s pizza three. I recognize pizza three a lot more. – Yeah, that’s what I was– and the way it’s cooked. That’s for kids. – They don’t believe in the thick dough. – Yeah. I’m gonna go with three. – Chuck E. Cheese does the thin dough. – I think pizza three, ’cause I think Chuck E. Cheese pizza’s more the plain pizza. – I think I’m gonna go with pizza three as well even though this one looks suspicious. – (FBE) First, try piece number one.

– (both) Okay. – What do you want? Pepperoni or cheese? – Pepperoni. – Wow. – I know who this one is. (laughs) – You know? – I think so. Cheers! Yeah, I know which one this is. Little Caesars. – Mm-mm. – No? – Hot! – It was good. It’s a gets the job done kind of pizza. – It’s gross, dude. It’s gross. Tastes like cardboard. – Do you not– – It’s just mushy. – All right, smells like cardboard. – Tastes like cardboard. – (laughs) There’s no sauce. It’s just all cheese. – It’s really dry. – It’s pretty gross. I’m not gonna lie to you. It tastes like pizza that’s been left out for a day and then they decided to heat it back up, so maybe this is Chuck E. Cheese. – The pepperonis match. That was one of the conspiracies. – Thank you. – It was that the pepperonis– oh, but that one. I don’t know. – It’s not greasy enough. On some real, though. – That’s true.

– It’s not bad, though. – Yeah. I’m gonna keep on eating it, but this isn’t Chuck E. Cheese. – It could be Chuck E. Cheese pizza, I guess. I mean, ’cause I don’t think, like, “Oh, amazing pizza” for Chuck E. Cheese. – I don’t think it’s Chuck E. Cheese. Based off of taste, this one tastes like your typical pizza. – I think I know exactly what pizza this is. I think it’s Little Caesars pizza. – No. I don’t think it can be Little Caesars, because my friend works there, and I’ve seen the pizzas being made, and I eat it so much, so I kind of know how their pizza is, which is a lot thicker than this. I definitely can see this being a Chuck E.

Cheese quality pizza. – (FBE) Let’s try pizza number two. – Okay. I was gonna throw it away. – (chuckles) We’re just like Chuck E. Cheese now. – It’s a thinner crust. – Yeah. – Definitely not as thin as this one, but definitely thinner than that one. – It has a good spread of cheese on it. Let’s find out. – It’s got a good chunk of pepperoni. – It doesn’t have a lot of sauce. – I like that. – Yeah, me too. I don’t like sauce. – This one all connects, which makes me think that this isn’t Chuck E.

Cheese either. – That’s Little Caesars. – No. This is not Little Caesars. – I think this is Little Caesars. Mm-hmm. Watch, after first bite. Yeah! That’s Little Caesars, though. – No! – Smell it! That’s Little Caesars! You’re crazy! – Ohh. – OH YEAH, BRO! – Nice and cheap, but in a good way where I love affordability. – Yeah. Yeah. It’s definitely that pizza that you talk about where it’s like, “Let’s go get some greasy down-to-earth pizza.” – You can see the grease on this pan, and there’s no grease on this pan. – This is Little Caesars, very sure. – I think you might be right. – Yeah. – I think this is too high of quality to be Domino’s or to be Pizza Hut or something, but it can definitely be Little Caesars. – It all tastes the same to me.

– Really?! – Mm-hmm. Just one tastes a day fresher. – This is definitely not Chuck E. Cheese pizza. For sure. – Mm. – Like this one. – This is pizza. This is pizza. This is the type of pizza to clog your arteries with. This a Pizza Hut or a Papa John’s. Why is pizza just so delicious? – It doesn’t taste like… – Pizza? – Pizza Hut. No– Pizza– – Really? What do you think it is? – It tastes more like Little Caesars, ’cause it’s a good pizza, but it’s really still basic pizza. – My roommate always orders Papa John’s pizza, and I’m pretty sure this is it. So, I don’t think that this is Chuck E.

Cheese. – I don’t know who this would be. Maybe it is Chuck E. Cheese. Could be. – It’s pretty good. I kinda like it better than this one. – This one for sure looked the best. – Look at these pepperonis and look at these pepperonis. And look at those pepperonis. – Uh-huh. – I’m starting to change my mind. I feel like this is Chuck E. Cheese, ’cause the pepperonis just look more fake. – I don’t think this is Chuck E. Cheese. – Yeah, I don’t think it’s Chuck E. Cheese either. – The plot twist, this is gonna be Chuck E.

Cheese, though. – I know. – (both laugh) – (FBE) Let’s go to your last one. – This is Chuck E. Cheese. I don’t even need to taste it yet. – Get a pretty slice. – I’m gonna get the little tiny one, ’cause this is definitely left over. Oh! – This literally is just like cardboard. – That’s not Chuck E. Cheese. There’s no sauce on it. There’s barely any. And I know the last time I did have Chuck E. Cheese, I was pleasantly surprised.

– I feel like this one tastes more like if it’s out of a box. – Yeah, that’s what it feels like: a frozen pizza. – Like a frozen pizza. – Jeez. – This one might be the– – What a struggle. – This one might be Chuck E. Cheese. – This reminds me of roller rink– Oh my god. “Roller rink.” It sounds so old. But you know, just like a little thin piece of cardboard pizza. – It’s pretty average. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad. It just tastes more like the actual crust itself than the ingredients, like the tomato or the pepperoni. – I’m still eating it. Everything tastes the same to me. – I wanna try this small slice over here. – Oh my gosh. – This one didn’t look like it belonged, so if tastes, like, left over and dirty, it’s Chuck E. Cheese. – I’m gonna try this one. “Left over and dirty.” (laughs) The conspiracy theory! – Mm-hmm.

– Wow. – I think this one for sure is Chuck E. Cheese, ’cause it doesn’t have a whole lot of flavor. You’re just here to eat this to fill you up and then go play. – That’s what the kids do! Like, get a pizza, mmm! I didn’t know there could be such a difference between pizza. – There’s no sauce. – (snickers) There’s no taste. That’s so weird. It tastes like you’re eating bread. – Kind of scared to eat it, ’cause we think it’s Chuck E. Cheese. – Yeah. – And now I’m hesitant to ever eat a Chuck E. Cheese pizza, ’cause little kids got their little gerbil hands all over it. – Ah, I never– I didn’t think about that either. Now I don’t wanna eat it. But– – (laughs) Just dirty pizza. It’s fine. No taste. – No. – It’s just so hard. It’s like… – It tastes like the cheese has been reheated on it, which makes me think that it’s Chuck E.

Cheese if the theory is true. – (FBE) Now that you have tried all the pizzas, are you guys gonna change your guesses or stay the same? – I’m gonna stay the same, and I’m still thinking that this one is the… – Chuck E. Cheese? – …Chuck E. Cheese pizza. – Yeah, I think I’m gonna switch my answer to this one. – Number three definitely. That’s Chuck E. Cheese pizza. – This is hard. I’m gonna say also pizza number three. I think that one is Chuck E. Cheese. – This is Chuck E. Cheese. – Yeah. I 100% feel like pizza three is Chuck E. Cheese. – 100%. – One still. I know for sure this is Little Caesars. I don’t know what this is, but I know that this one is definitely Chuck E.

Cheese since it tasted pretty bad. – I’m going with three as Chuck E. Cheese. – (FBE) The third one was actually the Chuck E. Cheese pizza. You guys were both wrong. – Really? Damn, that wasn’t good. – (both laugh) – That tastes fake. – The last time I had it, I was pretty surprised. ‘Cause looking at that, yes, that’s Chuck E. Cheese. That was my initial guess was, okay, appearance-wise, that’s Chuck E. Cheese. But when I tasted it, I was like, “No, this is like a frozen pizza.” (ding) – What?! How? How’d you know? – You don’t get to look like this without having your fair share of pizza. – Ah! – I just know. It looked really janky.

And kids don’t care. It’s round. It’s hot. They’re gonna eat it. – Yes! – We know! See? – We’re good! We good! – This tastes like dirty. (laughs) – It does. (laughs) I didn’t know there was such a difference between taste. Having them all lined up, that one is SOOO different. The crust is deceiving. – Not good. – It’s deceiving. (laughs) – Let’s goooo! Nice work! – I knew it. – You knew it as soon as you saw it. You were like, “There it is!” – Yeah. The side’s burnt, too. I just realized that. This side’s– – Yeah! – They probably didn’t turn it or something in the oven. – OR that one’s only been cooked once and then this is the second time around for these guys. – (FBE) So, pizza one was Pizza Hut and pizza two was Little Caesars. – What?! – I knew that wasn’t Little Caesars.

– This one tastes like Little Caesars! – I know my Little Caesars. – I’m impressed by you, Jair. – We gotta come back again, Tori. We gotta have a bunch of pizzas this time. I know Papa John’s. I KNOW a pizza. (laughs) – Huh, Pizza Hut. – But you knew one. – I knew one pizza, and I’m glad with that. So, I can live with it. I still think Chuck E. Cheese pizza is a bunch of random slices. Or, OR…

They get individual slices and they build one pizza. I know that was part of the conspiracy. So, it might be that. – It’s just weird how they can make a pizza and the pizza slices don’t line up. – They don’t match up, yeah. – And they taste reheated. – Yeah. I’m glad I won, but I’m still upset I had to taste it. – (laughs) – Thanks for watching us guess the Chuck E. Cheese pizza on the React Channel. – Subscribe for new shows every week. – If you like this episode, then hit that Like button. – Have a fun challenge? Let us know down in the comments. – Bye. – Hey, guys. I’m Katie, a React Channel producer. We are in the comments replying to you guys within the first 30 minutes of every video, so be sure to subscribe and hit the bell and checkmark so you know when we’re there.

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