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This Little Girl Became Paralyzed After Catching A Cold — Now She’s Relearning How To Walk

When Ameliya Pellett caught a cold, her parents likely believed that she would recover quickly without any lasting issues. It was only a cold, after all. But just days later, the Ottawa residents were horrified to find that their two-year-old had lost all feeling in one of her legs. Her condition only got worse as time went by. Eventually, she became paralyzed from the neck down. Fewer than two weeks after Ameliya got sick, she couldn’t move. […]

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This Huge Husky Was Trying To Act Tough, But Melted For This Itty-Bitty Baby

We’ve found the ultimate proof that even the scariest, toughest animals have a soft spot for babies. When this little tot comes up to his favorite friend, who’s totally trying to play it cool, it doesn’t take long for him to get his huge husky to hit the floor and roll around for some adorable playtime. As a parent, I’d probably be a little worried about their first meeting. But after seeing how cute they are playing […]

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