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Weight-Loss Journey | My Fear of Loose Skin

Hey guys this video was scary to post, but I felt like it was something people needed to see. I want to have loose skin surgery when I loose the rest of my weight but the surgery is not an easy one. I hope that people see this and find motivation to not let this happen to their body. I appreciate the support from everyone and it means the world to me ! Starting weight: 450 lbs […]

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Weight-Loss Journey | Week 13 Weight In | How I Lost 100 lbs

In today’s video Mookie weighs in at 348 which puts him down six pounds this week and officially down 102 pounds total. We go through his original assessment to see how is progress compares from week 1 till week 13. We sit down with Kristen and talk to Mookie about what has changed over the last three months. Apparel https://rarebreedlife.com Anyone can join us through this journey! Remember a number on the scale does not define who […]

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