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The Story Of Child Killer Mary Bell Is Heartbreaking And Disturbing

In 1968, British newspapers were abuzz over the most unthinkable crime — an 11-year-old girl had strangled two younger boys and was now facing conviction. Mary Bell would serve 12 years in prison for the deaths of Martin Brown and Brian Howe, and for the rest of her life she would be hounded by the press because of her past. What drives such a young girl to murder? It’s no surprise that the answer lies in Mary’s […]

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Someone Is Putting LED Lights On These Statues…The Results Are Terrifying

When it comes to exploring old European cities, some of the creepiest things about them are the old statues that seem to be on every corner. They look even worse when the sun goes down. Depending on the city, it’s entirely possible that the history behind many of these statues has been lost, which really only makes them creepier. Well, a few years ago, a prankster with a twisted sense of humor decided that it would be […]

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If You’re Working On A Five-Year Plan For Your Future, You Might Want To Read This

Let’s face it. There is a decent chance that everyone alive today will experience an apocalyptic event. You don’t need a political science degree to know that we live in volatile times. Until recently, however, all of this doom-and-gloom talk was mostly speculation. Then this report happened. A report issued by a team of researchers at Oxford University entitled “Global Catastrophic Risks” warns of a dramatic increase in the likelihood of apocalyptic events that could eliminate 10 […]

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