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Top 10 Tips for Max Weight Loss from Dr. McDougall

Join us in the Well Your World Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/wellyourworld ***I should have caught this when I was editing this video, but I accidentally said that bread is 2500 calories per pound, but it is 1500. Sometimes I don’t hear myself talking I guess…. Excuse the error!!*** 1) Start each meal with a soup and/or salad and/or fruit. 2) Follow the 50/50 plate method for your meals, filling half your plate (by visual volume) with non-starchy vegetables […]

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Starting My Weight Loss Journey Today | ADVICE FOR BEGINNERS

HEY #HEALTHYHUNNIES! In this video, I am telling you guys how to get started on your vegan weight loss journey! If you are looking to lose weight, and you want to do it vegan… or you’re already vegan and want to lose weight – this is the video for you! Here is what we talk about in this video… Forget the word “vegan:” Vegan and healthy are not the same thing! Oreos are vegan! Even “healthy vegan […]

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