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Getting Attacked By A Great White Shark Is Exactly As Scary As You’d Imagine.

BREAKING: getting attacked by one of the most fearsome predators in the world is scary. (Shocking, I know.) No matter how much you prepare yourself for a potential shark attack, you’re still going to be absolutely terrified if it ever happens. Just see for yourself. This video was captured by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s REMUS “SharkCam.” Safe in your own home, you can experience what has to be the worst encounter the deep, blue sea has to […]

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This Is Definitely Not What You Want To Happen When You’re Inspecting A Boat

Here’s how I feel about large bodies of water: And here’s how I feel about people willingly diving into large bodies of water for extended periods of time: So you can imagine my concern when I came across this video that was shot back in 1991 by a few divers inspecting a damaged boat. Of course, the boat went ahead and sustained damage on the hull instead of literally any other part, which meant that it had […]

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