This Halloween Decoration Was Pulled From Stores Because It Goes Way Too Far

Putting up scary decorations is an awesome way to set the mood for Halloween.

When I went trick-or-treating as a kid, I loved how much my neighborhood was committed to creating a spooky atmosphere. But while my neighbors used headstones and skeletons in their yards, one company thinks that it’s a good idea to make people believe they have possible intruders outside of their homes.

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The last thing you want to see at night is a sinister stranger pressing their hands up to your window and looking inside. That’s why Scary Peepers were pulled from Home Depot stores in Canada.

Scary Peepers are Halloween props that can be attached to windows with suction cups, creating the illusion of a creepy voyeur checking you out.

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Because they look so realistic in the dark, concerned parents in Canada have complained that it’s not funny to scare people into thinking that they’re about to become victims of a serious crime.

Though Home Depot agreed and pulled all of the offending products from its Canada stores and website, you can actually still buy them on its U.S. site. But before you start planning on freaking out everyone you know, just imagine how terrifying it would be to see this when you’re home alone at night.

If you’re still sold on these Halloween props, you can find the above model on the Scary Peeper website, alongside even creepier versions — some of which actually tap the window.

(via Daily Dot)

I’m pretty sure that I’d have a heart attack if my friends or family pulled this on me — that’s why I always keep my blinds closed at night. Would you buy these decorations?

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