30 Day Weight-loss Challenge || Exercise & Meal Plan

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Keto Diet Beginners Guide : https://youtu.be/Qu9ZHlJNah0
Intermittent Fasting Beginners Guide : https://youtu.be/gamBjd6ZK28
Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan : https://youtu.be/r3Q6td4it10
Kerala Diet plan for weight-loss : https://youtu.be/oWAAThC_r9U
Apple Cider Vinegar Drink weightloss weight-loss : https://youtu.be/FLfl92USBfc
HIIT Workout : https://youtu.be/CE2_9VwxFyY
My Weight loss Journey : https://youtu.be/dTKWJj6QBKA
PCOD Weight-loss Diet-plan : https://youtu.be/_GKxBg-Jumc
Weight loss Turmeric Tea: https://youtu.be/-lK0cxdspfo
Healthy Oats Breakfast : https://youtu.be/i237UZnrbRs
Cherupayaru salad : https://youtu.be/Um6OGrvqYNQ
cherupayarum nurukkugothambum kanji : https://youtu.be/2vSN2HmBt9s
One week Home Exercise : https://youtu.be/OHq_9cpqoWo
7 Minutes HIIT workout at home : https://youtu.be/Hp67uZkG7ok

Hello I am Rose Mary, Eat clean & get fit is my YouTube channel where I share my workout routines and clean & delicious recipes for weight loss and weight management. I am not a professional nutritionist or fitness trainer, all my experience is what I have got from my 15 kg weight loss journey. Thanks for watching and please share your valuable comments and feedbacks as to how I can improve. Also let me know what you need help with. I will help you on that.