Anemic and Flea Ridden Stray Kitten is Taken in By Pet Lovers

One night, a tiny black kitten appeared on a couple’s doorstep. She was almost dead, anemic from being literally eaten alive by fleas. They immediately took her in, frail and pathetic as she was.

After her first bath, the water was red with blood; you won’t believe her transformation after that.

When Cossette was taken in, she was so infested with fleas the water from her bath was bloody.

The kitty after her first flea bath, not happy but hanging on.

She’s almost given up at one point; she was still infested with fleas, terribly anemic and fading fast.

After another flea bath, most of her fleas began dying off. It didn’t take care of everything, but you can tell the kitten was much happier.

The third night with her new family, Cossette began to gain back her strength.

After more flea treatment and lots of love, Cosy (Cossette) began looking much better.

Soon, she’ll visit a vet, but she’s out of the woods now.


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