It’s a memoir. Please don’t call it a mom-oir. That sh*t’s just patronizing. This is the book that wrote itself in Pauline M. Campos’ head when she realized that her baby had become a toddler and the expiration date on her socially acceptable baby weight had worn out. The Latina Magazine #Dimelo advice columnist and Aspiring Mama blogger gave herself a one-year-or-bust deadline, then embarked on the search to find the mama lost in the muffin top with the requisite weight loss plans, attempted (and failed) exercise programs, and a singular focus on the scale and not wanting to toss it out the window. BabyFat is more than Pauline’s story. It’s the story for every woman who finds fault with her body after motherhood, and for every woman who needs a snarky, honest, and relatable reminder that the secret to happiness and self-acceptance has little to do with whether the scale is tipping the right way and everything to with how she sees herself.

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