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‘Intern fill in today?’ Mother Jones aims for ‘damn dumbest’ Sam headline!/JayCaruso/status/505860033750769664 “Real journalism” doesn’t take a break over a holiday weekend, as evidenced by this offering from Mother Jones:!/MotherJones/status/505828054019502080 Mmmmkay.!/FirstTeamTommy/status/505861261733928960!/RexHarrisonsHat/status/505833729517187072!/kellyransford/status/505835407750496257!/McCarthyKnew/status/505852283192893440!/EvanDMyers/status/505861555821768704 Yep. Whatevs, MoJo. Speak for yourselves.!/LittleSlav/status/505853925891653632 On the other hand:!/LittleSlav/status/505854176958509056 Truth. Not to mention:!/NathanWurtzel/status/505861047660859392 Amen to that. *** Related: He’s out: Michael Sam released from St. Louis Rams ‘The journey continues’: Michael Sam’s first tweets after getting cut from Rams ‘Blame him now?’ Does media frenzy over Michael Sam cut […]

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