Does Don Sterling’s lifetime ban open ‘Pandora’s Box’ for gay marriage opponents in NBA?!/mattsuthe/status/461234448957067264

Now that Donald Sterling has been banned from the NBA for life, some tweeters can’t help but wonder: Who’s next? Could anyone in the NBA who holds views deemed offensive — such as favoring traditional marriage — face similar consequences?!/DrGMLaTulippe/status/461221042858364928

Owners like the Orlando Magic’s Richard DeVos, for example:!/L2dthird/status/461210568943476736

For the record, DeVos isn’t the only NBA team owner who opposes gay marriage.!/corystaylor/status/461221773196156928!/paulzmoyer/status/461209240330592256!/HendricksonT182/status/461218311402188800!/PBurris85/status/461240371360854016!/peteinhou/status/461217838825742336

Indeed. What about players?!/HouseCracka/status/461224774472335361

Players caught making anti-gay remarks have been fined, but not banned. Could that change down the road?!/craigreidel/status/461232326249177088

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