Forward! People cringe at rising gas prices; Ask Obama ‘why is gas so much?’!/JaneNews/status/299162047260815360

Wow. And not in the good way. Gas prices are continuing to rise, and the pain at the pump is cutting deeper. Some media outlets are conspicuously silent.

More media stories today on Obama speechwriter heading to H'wood than record gas prices. #Incest #Elitism #ToolsOfState

— John Nolte (@NolteNC) February 5, 2013

Bush was lambasted for gas that was 80% cheaper and UE 3% lower. The media ran daily stories featuring homeless people. Obama cruises along.

— Brady Cremeens (@BradyCremeens) February 5, 2013

Non-lapdogs, however, aren’t remaining silent.

In the last 24 hours, exactly 100% of people I spoke to in person mentioned gas prices within 3 minutes. One within 1.

— Truthy o'True (@TruthyoTrue) February 6, 2013

For those who have been paying attention, it’s not a surprise.

I thought gas prices were going down Obama #hetrickedyouguys

— notthefakebpoz (@TheRealBpoz) February 6, 2013

SURPRISE OBAMA VOTERS: Gas prices hit all-time record high for early Feb. #tcot

— slone (@slone) February 5, 2013

#Gas prices have doubled since #Obama became president. Has your income doubled?

— ✝Wretched Man I Am (@WretchedManIam) February 4, 2013

Welcome to Obama's Second Term: Gas price jump 13 cents in two weeks via @sharethis

— Tony A. Phyrillas (@TonyPhyrillas) February 2, 2013

And the gas prices are back on the rise. (along with everything else) Surprise surprise!

— Chris Tooker (@CTSpeed413) February 6, 2013

People are hurting, and take to Twitter to post about the continuously rising prices.

Killer Gas Prices

— Troy D. Mayo Sr. (@Ccmcarmaster) February 6, 2013

If gas prices get any higher I'm cutting holes in my floor board and Flintstoning this bitch! #smh

— Tennessee Girl (@dallasjulia6609) February 6, 2013

cheapest fill-up in #VanWA: $3.27/gallon #gasprices #dontshootthemessenger

— AM 860 KPAM (@KPAM860) February 6, 2013

Gas prices: Petoskey: $3.75 Charlevoix: $3.75 East Jordan: $3.73 Boyne City: $3.74 Traverse City: $3.68

— Petoskey News-Review (@petoskeynews) February 6, 2013

Oh hey, gas prices went up 40 cents in the last 2 weeks, if you haven't noticed.

— Morgan Grace (@veracity81) February 6, 2013

Gas prices are up nationally by over 14 cents and up locally by over 11, pic of Sunoco in Rohrerstown @CBS21NEWS

— CBS21Lancaster (@CBS21Lancaster) February 5, 2013

Guess they are just bitterly clinging to their transportation! Some are also trying to bitterly cling to their jobs, to which they soon may be unable to drive.

gas today was $4.11 a gallon here in So Calif…. pretty soon i won't be able to afford to drive to work…. ":/

— alex summer (@summerRain574) February 2, 2013

Finally have a job n now can't afford gas to get there. Completely fucked

— Kelso (@kelso38) February 6, 2013

Others just can’t afford gas at all.

We can't afford no gas! We can't afford no gas! SO WE AIN'T DRIVIN! #TrueStory 🎵🎶

— Carmen San Diego ✈ (@DJCEO365) February 3, 2013

We can't afford no gas, so we ain't driving.

— Katie Chambers (@KatieSaysLeft) February 6, 2013

I can't afford gas. 😩😩😩

— Rosa. (@LoveLiteBrite) February 6, 2013

Gas so dang high.. I can't afford to drive with my gas tank. Too dang big! #nodriving

— Victoria Baker (@vickyysecretss) February 6, 2013

It really makes you feel crappy about yourself when you can't even afford gas money to get to school.

— aj small (@hellloimaj) February 6, 2013

Why? Elections have consequences.

Citizens want answers. And some want Obama to “fix” things for them or hand over some more cash.

@BarackObama u wanna help the economy how about figuring a way to lower the gas prices this is fucking ridiculous

— Mike (@mrmike589) February 3, 2013

Why are gas prices going up again? Damn Obama, you know my car isn't good on gas. Help a bitch out.

— Mixed Godde$$. ✨ (@RianeSaidWhat) February 5, 2013

200 gallons of heating oil $800. Fill gas tank to get groceries for the week $50. 3/4 of ss check gone. Obama's middle class help a myth?yes

— rudolph j. girandola (@rudolphjgir) February 6, 2013

Dear Mr. Obama, why the FUCK is gas so much money?!

— LL Cool Gay™ (@DirtyDeuceDawg) February 6, 2013

Gas is over $4, my pay is down at least 20%, I have to buy Obamacare. What next @BarackObama ? #tcot

— Spoon (@fuprog) February 6, 2013

Yo, Obama; either give me more on my fafsa or lower gas prices. Love, poor, busy college girl.

— that girl (@DearDamaris) February 6, 2013

So what are we gonna do about these rising gas prices? Cause this college girl is struggling… @BarackObama

— jadah (@_JAY_duh) February 6, 2013

More taxes. Gas going up @BarackObama when are we getting a break in the middle class?

— AlmostRetired (@DoctorKOH) February 6, 2013

What the heck @BarackObama 3.15 for gas?!

— Aimee Lao (@TheLaoster) February 6, 2013

What about these gas prices though? @BarackObama

— Deshon (@ESPNGuwop) February 3, 2013

@BarackObama gas prices are going back up! Fix this!! #gas

— Stephanie Luciano (@LucianoSteph) February 6, 2013

Obama is too worried about cameramen who “break his flow” to care about if  you can’t afford to let the gas pumps flow.

Consequences. Again.


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