Here Are Some Cats Who Prove Why They Aren’t Considered Man’s Best Friend.

Cats often get a bad rap when it comes to their demeanor, but it’s not like the world is just making up all that attitude. Long before Grumpy Cat made a name for herself, these trailblazing kittens gave feline kind a bad name. They may look fuzzy, but these tiny kitties are just kind of jerks.

When cats roll on their backs and expose a fluffy, adorable tummy, it seems like they want pet. The truth is that they don’t want pet and will punish you if you try.

Thanks, cats.

1.) Nah, I’m good, try again later.

2.) It’s all or nothing for this cat: all for him, nothing for you.

3.) Stop. I got this.

4.) If it fits in the puzzle, it sits in the puzzle.

5.) This cat could not care less about the damage he’s inflicted.

6.) To be fair, it does look comfy.

7.) Just a little ta–taking the whole thing.

8.) There’s helpful, and then there’s this.

9.) This is the saddest dog in the world.

10.) Tough love at its toughest.

11.) This greedy cat won’t even share king size.

12.) Tigger is not happy.

13.) I think he just wanted to take it for a spin.

14.) Lesson: don’t take a break from your game if there’s a cat around.

15.) This poor dog just wants out of the rain.

16.) Can I just put this here? How about this? This? Nope.

17.) Even the fiercest dogs stand no chance against these felines.

18.) Well, if you’re gonna be there awhile he might as well get comfy.

19.) Cats just love to be helpful.

20.) They might have actually bought that chair for the cat.

21.) Her form must have been off.

22.) This is how Homeward Bound really ends.

(H/T: 22 Words.)

Of course, after they do all these terrible things, they just have to curl up on your lap to make you forgive them. Basically, they’re adorable evil geniuses. 

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