Here Are Some Things You Didn’t Know About Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan died in 2004, but to this day he is an idol to conservative political leaders. But how much did we really know about him? How much do we really know about any president? Given the nature and security of the job, they are all bound to have some secrets.

Here are some Ronald Reagan facts that you might have known… but some you definitely didn’t.

His favorite cologne was Royal Briar.

His favorite president was George Washington.

The guy hated brussels sprouts!

He was hard of hearing in the right ear after a gun shot incident during the filming of a movie.

Favorite book: the Bible.

As a kid they called him “Dutch” either because his father said he looked like a little dutch boy or because the popular style of haircut for boys at the time was called “the dutch”.

Favorite childhood book: the Bible.

Ronald Reagan’s favorite musical soundtrack was The Sound of Music.

Fact: because of his ‘ruddy skin’ Reagan rarely had to have make-up applied during his time as an actor.

His nickname was “The Gipper” after his role of ‘George Gip’ in the movie Knute Rockne.

His first car was a 1934 Nash Lafayette Coupe.

Reagan wore glasses in high school, but just as he was becoming an actor, contact lenses became available for the first time.

At fourteen Ronald was hired by a construction contractor to dig ditches ten hours a day, six days a week for a wage of 35 cents per hour. He used that money to save enough for his college tuition which was $200. Way to go Ron!

His favorite comic strip was Peanuts.

The Gipper LOVED jelly-beans.

His favorite recipe was apple cider.

And finally, his favorite tree was the sycamore.

I don’t know about you, but I hope J.J Abrams works in Reagan’s Strategic Defensive Initiative into the new Star Wars. Lasers, man! If you love the Gipper, give this a share on Facebook!

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