Shark Mouth! This Indian Teen Had 232 Extra Teeth Removed From His Mouth.

No, “Shark Mouth” is not the latest Sharknado sequel (unfortunately). It’s what people are calling 17-year-old Ashik Gawai after something very unusual happened to him last week. Following complaints of severe jaw pain, doctors began to look into what was going on in this little boy’s mouth. What they found shocked them. Surgeons at a hospital in Mumbai, India, cut into his jaw and successfully removed 232 extra teeth. Freaky, right? Wait until you see the pictures…

The extra teeth were caused by a rare tumor that had grown in the teen’s jaw.


Over the course of seven hours doctors successfully removed the tumor and all of the extra teeth it had spawned.


In total the doctors counted 232 teeth. However, they say the actual number could be higher because they stopped counting after a while.


(H/T: Elite Daily) What the what? With the tumor successfully removed, Gawai now has just 28 teeth. He is expected to make a full recovery. His condition was freaky (and what sounded like a great start to a superhero movie), but also pretty amazing. Make sure to share this story by clicking below.

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