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‘Send it to DC’: What’s to be done with the growing amount of Ebola waste?

http://twitter.com/#!/lheal/status/521764168366428160 While the CDC can’t seem to decide whether to blame a protocol breach for the spread of the Ebola virus to a nurse in Dallas, there’s another problem at hand: what to do with Ebola waste. Dr. Jeffrey Duchin, chairman of the public health committee for the Infections Disease Society of America, told FoxNews.com, “we have no solution on what to do with the huge amount of waste from the Ebola patients.” CDC protocols call for possibly […]

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Breaking: New Ebola patient in Dallas?

http://twitter.com/#!/MeaganMHarris/status/519922771216719874 BREAKING: City of Frisco says the man had symptoms of #Ebola and said he had contact with patient zero. — Meagan Harris (@MeaganMHarris) October 8, 2014 BREAKING: Also from the air we could see the ff's get in protective gear. #Frisco #Ebola — Meagan Harris (@MeaganMHarris) October 8, 2014 PHOTO: Firefighters set up an isolation tent inside an ambulance at the Frisco CareNow as a precaution. #ebola pic.twitter.com/7sJmEseBln — Ryan Wood (@RyanWoodDFW) October 8, 2014 Updates […]

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