These Are The 20 Strangest Ways People Have Died Throughout History.

It’s hard to believe that anything could possibly be weirder than what you see in life. If anything is, though, it’d be these deaths. So sad, but also incredibly strange, the way these people died will have you wondering how it was even possible. There’s no good way to go, but boy, are these deaths bizarre. Check them out.

1. On The Toilet – King Edmund II is thought by some to have been assassinated while sitting on the throne (not the royal one).

2. Crushed By Own Belongings – Hoarders Homer and Langley Collyer were found underneath all of the stuff they kept in their house.

3. Slipped On An Orange Peel – Dare Devil Bobby Leach survived a trip down Niagara Falls in a barrel, but died due to complications suffered after slipping on an orange peel.

4. Stepped On Own Beard – What brought him fame in life would bring him fame in death. The man with The Longest Beard in the World, Hans Steininger, died of a broken neck after he stepped on his famous whiskers.

5. Ate Self To Death – King Adolf Frederick of Sweden is known as the “King Who Ate Himself To Death,” because, well, he ate himself to death.

6. Choked On Bottle Cap – Tennessee Williams died after he choked on a bottle cap.

7. Body Slammed – Professional wrestler Mal “King Kong” Kirk was killed by a body slam from Shirley “Big Daddy” Crabtree.

8. Defended Client- Lawyer Clement Vallandigham accidentally shot himself in the head while trying to show the jury how his client’s alleged victim committed suicide.

9. Drank Too Much Carrot Juice – Health food advocate Basil Brown died from an overdose of Vitamin A after drinking ten gallons of carrot juice in ten days.

10. Caught In A Wheel – Isadora Duncan was ejected from a moving automobile when her scarf got caught on a wheel and pulled her out of the passenger window.

11. Hit By Giant Umbrella – Lori Matthews died when wind uprooted a giant umbrella from a nearby art installment.

12. Smothered By Gifts – Draco died at the hands of adoring gifters.

13. Made A Joke – Comedian Dick Shawn died while acting out a joke that required him to lay face-down.

14. Laughed – Thomas Urquhart supposedly died laughing at the fact that Charles II had become King of England.

15. Hit With A Baseball – Ray Chapman died after being hit in the head with a baseball while he was batting.

16. Bit Own Tongue – Allan Pinkerton died from an infection he got after biting his own tongue.

17. Crushed By A Cactus – David Grundman died while out shooting cacti in the desert when a 26-foot-tall cactus fell on him.

18. Charged By Sheep – Betty Stobbs was killed by her own sheep when they knocked her motorcycle on top of her while she was trying to feed them.

19. Failed Overcoat Parachute – Franz Reichelt died when he tested his invention by jumping off of the Eiffel Tower. Needless to say, the overcoat parachute never caught on.

20. Cow Fell Through Roof – Joao Maria de Souza was sleeping when a cow fell through his roof and landed on him.

(via list25) Yikes. I know we all will one day meet our maker, but I’d prefer dying in my sleep with a smile on my face. Thanks. How would you want to die? Share these odd ways of dying with others by clicking on the big button below.

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