They Took This Poor Baby Elephant HOSTAGE. The Reason Why Is Absurd.

Have you heard of Asian elephants? Did you know that we are killing them? Deforestation of the land in order to produce palm oil has led to the homes of Asian elephants being destroyed. The baby elephant you see below is named Raja. He was an innocent victim of the terrible war being waged in Sumatra over forests. He isn’t the only one.

Raja was being held ransom by the villagers. They were holding him ransom, demanding compensation for the crops his family ruined. He was starved and alone.

He desperately would wave his little trunk, begging for food or even a kind touch. He and his family were driven out of the forest.

He strained against his chains, an innocent pleading for help.

Throughout Asia, forests are being destroyed. The elephants are running from the chainsaws and straight into the villages, causing the people to resort to cruelty such as this.

Palm oil is the reason for all of these atrocities. It is used in almost everything we buy.

As forests are destroyed for palm oil, humans and animals are fighting for space.

An organization that works to protect elephants called Elephant Family worked hard to negotiate this release. Sadly, he died, all alone and chained up to a tree.

As more forests are destroyed, more animals like Raja will suffer.

The Asian elephant is being threatened by humans. It’s a very real possibility that we will kill them all.

If you want to help save the elephants in places like Sumatra, please visit Elephant Family’s website. This needs to stop.

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