This May Look Like A Normal Train Station, But When You Zoom Out…Mind=Blown.

The Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg is the largest model railway in the world. Built buy ‘Wunder’ twins, Gerrit and Frederik Braun, this goliath of an exhibit is over 68,889 sq ft of floor space and 39,370 ft of train track. The size is impressive, sure, but really makes this model special is the extreme level of detail and care the brothers put into each exhibit.

For example, notice the smoke emitting from the building that the tiny, brave firemen are eternally trying to save and the man at the park ducking behind a bush to relieve himself. You can check out close-ups of their model kingdom in the gallery below. The attention to detail is just amazing. 

To learn even more about their amazing mini creation, watch the video below:

It’s hard to imagine spending so much time on a hobby (and their hobby is more of an obsession). The result of their hard work is just too cool. Share their mini wonderland with others by clicking on the button below.

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