What Is That Smudge At The Bottom Of This Pool? Wait…It’s Not A Pool?

Wow, these waters are so incredibly clear. Swimming in them must be like taking a dip in one of nature’s pools, but one they actually maintain (no offense, swamps). Really though, these waters are so beautiful, they look like default desktop backgrounds. Which, as everyone knows, is the highest compliment you can pay a body of water. Check them out!

1. Take it all in, folks. Yep, even the water’s floor.

7. This looks like some sort of hovering village.

12. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a floating lady!

17. I hope their bathing suits fit. Can’t afford any slippage here.

26. I wonder if they ever wear disguises to make up for the fact that everything above and below can see them.

30. How are these waters so clear? I can’t even see through my glasses half of the time because they’re so dirty.

(via Imgur) What a relief it must be to know you’d be able to spot a crab, shark, or, worse, a loose bandage from yards away.’ Share this post using the button below.

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