Yes, These People Are Eating Grass By The Handful. But The Reason Why Is Even More Absurd.

A pastor in South Africa is doing something to his congregation that will make you sick (and is actually making them sick). Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Centre Ministries in Garankuwa tells the people in his church that, if they want to get closer to God, they should eat grass. It doesn’t matter that the grass makes them ill and these photos have caused a massive online backlash, his followers still do it.

The members of his church eat the grass, believing it’ll bring them closer to God.

They believe it even heals them from their ailments.

Pastor Lesego will even shout at them, stomp them, tell them to be still.

And these people still obey.

He cannot see past his perceived power. He has bragged about being able to control his people… and even the police if they were to show up.

The grass has made his congregation violently ill, sparking numerous online complaints.

They vomit up the grass, since their bodies are unable to process it.

However, most still believe that with God’s will, they can survive on anything they eat… even grass.

As a response to the protests, the pastor has said that “God is at work.”

This pastor believes he is a miracle man, but all he is doing is bringing insanity and pain to his congregation. Even worse? They’re fine with it.


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