Yes, This Is Food. And When You Find Out Who’s Forced To Eat It, You’ll Be Sick.

Every day, parents send their kids to school hoping they’ll be properly cared for while they get an education. What most of them don’t realize, though, is that their children are being forced to eat food that looks worse than pig slop. All of the images below were taken of REAL lunches that were served to students and uploaded to Fed Up. Some of them are gross, some are unhealthy and we are convinced some led to food poisoning.

1. This is a hot mess

2. Bread and a piece of lettuce?

3. This may have been a taco at one point.

4. Ketchup and taco shells

5. Mystery slop and pickles

6. This is obviously cardboard and carrots

7. Beans, rice and nastiness

8. No one would be able to keep this down

9. Is this a hot dog… or a sandwich?

10. Here kids, have your gravy and orange slices

11. This is the world’s most disgusting sandwich

12. There’s a lot of it, but it’s all bad

13. Dear God…

14. Hey, look, some protein

15. Nothing feeds a growing child like pieces of tortilla

16. Just looking at this will give you acid reflux

17. No one should be eating this


19. … to be honest, it’s hard to say what they even attempted here

20. Ick

21. This was their attempt at BBQ chicken

22. Nothing says “you’re doing this right!” more than the carcass of a black widow spider

We would sign any and all petitions if it would force schools to stop feeding our children cardboard, ketchup and glue. Seriously. Stop it. You can visit FedUp to see many more if you can possibly stomach it. Share this with others. Make sure our kids are being fed healthy, edible food.

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